Musical theatre tap

( ages 8 to 12 & adult )

Musical theatre tap

( 8 to 12 )

Dancers will learn the fundamentals of tap, including shuffle, flap, ball change, and all 4 variations of the same step.

Each class will begin with a set of warm-ups, floor work, and will gradually work into learning a dance from a musical. More advance steps will follow as the class evolves!

Musical theatre tap

( adults )

dancers will learn & review the fundamental tap steps, including all variations of the time step & eventually learning how to do wings.

each class will begin with warm-ups that will include basic tap steps, floor variations for muscle memory, and learning a dance from a musical theatre production!

THURSDAYS: 6:30PM - 7:20PM | 7:30PM - 8:20PM

TERM 1: aug 22 - oct 21



meet your instructor!

Allison Stankey

Allison began dance lessons when she was just 3 years old. As she got older, she combined her love of dancing with teaching and spent four years teaching tap, ballet, and jazz to both children and adults. Allison has performed in several musicals over the years and she is beyond excited to be stepping back into her role as a teacher. Allison can't wait to meet you!

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