Audition prep

( AGES 9 & up )

Audition prep

In audition prep, students will discover the true meaning of an audition. We will cover how to slate, dance auditions, choosing the right song, and what to wear to an audition. By the end of the term, students will be confident in auditioning both in-person and virtually.

tuesdays: 5pm - 5:50pm

TERM 1: aug 22 - oct 21




Joley Gow

Joley is thrilled to bring her love for the arts to the community of Godley, Texas! Joley has performed in several musicals over the years and is still very active with her on-stage roles! Joley takes on-going classes at Fort Worth Actors Studio and is so excited to be able to teach other's everything she knows!

More About Joley

“Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.”

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